Want to have a personalized wine tasting for your friends or coworkers, but not sure where to start? Omaha Wine Company’s new Sip-at-Home tasting experience will make you the talk of the town! Whether you want a more educational tasting or a casual evening with friends, we can customize an experience for you.

Our expert wine professionals will come to your location and be your wine co-host. You will purchase your wines at Omaha Wine Company prior to your Sip-at-Home event. In addition to the wine cost, our Event Fee is $100 for a two-hour tasting experience. If you would like a longer event, each additional hour is $50.

Our Sommelier will arrive with all the glassware needed for the tasting and expertly walk your guests through the tasting experience. Plus, we’ll take all the dirty glasses with us so there’s no clean-up for you!

Sip-at-Home Wine Tasting Themes

OWC Curated

Take all the work out of it and let OWC expertly pick wines for tasting!

Expensive vs. Cheap

Let’s settle the debate once and for all; is a $200 bottle of wine really better than a $30 bottle?

Choose Your Own Adventure!

You know what you like to drink, so you choose the wines!

For the Love of Wine

Choose one varietal or style of wine or region, and we’ll select a variety of wines from various producers that highlight the differences in winemaking styles.

Tasting through a Country

Let us take you on an exploration of wines from a specific country. If you close your eyes hard enough, it’s almost like you’re there.

Wine for any Occassion!

There’s a wine for any occasion and any time of day! Wine for brunch? Sure! Wine for a five-course dinner? Absolutely! Wine for a Netflix binge? Sign us up!

Old World vs. New World

Compare varietals made in old world countries like France, Spain, and Italy with their counterparts in new world regions like California, Australia, and South America.

Blind Tasting

We’ll cover up the labels and the party can guess the wine or rank them and see which comes out on top! We can make any of our themes a blind tasting.

Ready to plan your Sip-at-Home Wine Tasting experience?

Contact us via the form, email us at owc@omahawine.com, or call us at 402-431-8558.

We’ll talk through available dates for your event, your preferred theme and format, and any other questions you have about hosting a Sip-at-Home Wine Tasting.

If you’re choosing your own wines, we’ll schedule a time for you to come in prior to your event and pick out the wines. If not, sit back and relax; we’ll choose for you!

That’s it! Call your friends, send the kids to the grandparents, and get ready for a fun-filled night of wine tasting!